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Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that has been around for over a thousand years now and focuses on improving the body, mind & spirit. The unique blend of aromatherapy based essential oils naturally bring great benefits to our products and completely eliminates the need for any artificial fragrances.

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Benefits of Men’s Face Grooming Products

With the increased awareness for grooming for men & a variety of men's face grooming products floating around, we are finally heading towards the time where grooming is no longer associated with a particular gender but a thing for everyone to pursue.

The growing demand for grooming essential products for men like charcoal face wash for men or men searching for the best coffee face wash is the biggest testimony of that.

A great chunk of men like you who have used men's face grooming products & have taken personal grooming seriously is making that impact and standing out as an example for the community of men who are still taking baby steps towards using grooming essential products for men.

However, the inhibitions towards using grooming essential products for men & the confusion due to the variety of men’s face grooming products available out there may become a speed breaker for you.

We get it and we are here at Man Theory building a community where we give you the space to express yourself fully and help you find solutions for your grooming problems with the most effective and thoughtfully made men's face grooming products.

We also introduce you to Aromatherapy based essential oils that are used in all our products to serve you a grooming and skincare experience that’s free from any harmful chemicals.

Before we hop on to understanding the Man Theory grooming products, let’s understand the core benefits of grooming essential products for men.


While introducing the grooming essential product for men in your daily routine, Self-confidence is the end result we look at when we produce Man Theory grooming products.

We all want to be our best selves when we go out there and face the world. Starting your day with men's face grooming products like Man Theory face wash product or Man Theory beard & facewash can automatically create that belief in you that you've started your day right and now you are all set to ace it!

Don't just take our word for it, order your Man Theory beard & facewash today & observe your confidence rising higher because you know you're looking and feeling your best today!

Discipline & Commitment

Using men’s face grooming products is the care you show towards your skin to nurture it, keep it healthy and give it the regular nourishment it needs. It helps you develop the discipline you owe to yourself for decades and you can finally commit to it by introducing the grooming essential products for men in your lifestyle.

Man Theory grooming products will help you inculcate that discipline and commitment.

Improved Hygiene & Physical Health

Those who say men's face grooming products are only to make you look good, have never understood grooming correctly (or were never guided rightly). 

grooming essential products for men truly help you eliminate the bad hygiene habits and keep you away from germs, bacteria.

In fact, this is exactly what the core intention of grooming is — keeping oneself clean & hygienic.

What makes Man Theory a one stop solution for the best essential products for men?

Man Theory is a platform where you can find products that will help you build a winning — Grooming & Skincare Routine!

We produce 100% authentic grooming essential product for men that are processed without:

- Any harmful chemicals

- Any animal-derived ingredients

We understand there's a great difference between a man's skin and a woman's skin. Therefore, we never attempt to make amendments to the current woman skin products and try to sell them or follow the methods used for those products. Man Theory grooming products are strictly developed keeping only men in mind and their specific requirements.

They are well researched and fully dermatologically tested to create a safe and secure experience for you. 

Another thing we constantly focus on is serving you products that will help you fight your day-to-day skin challenges. Although many men’s face grooming product brands claim to eliminate these problems with solutions that are chemical-based, we wanted to be firm on our stand to go chemical-free and keep Man Theory grooming products 100% natural.

To achieve this objective, we use Aromatherapy based essential oil in all our grooming essential products for men.

Aromatherapy has been in existence for thousands of years now. It provides incredible physical as well as psychological benefits like reducing stress, agitation & anxiety.

Now that all men’s face grooming products at Man Theory have it, we believe you shall receive those benefits as well.

It's a holistic treatment that uses natural plant extracts to create good health & well-being, also popularly known as Essential Oil Therapy.

Man Theory grooming products include these essential oils to naturally heal the grooming challenges of men out there.

The unique blend of these essential oils in Man Theory face wash products & Man Theory beard & facewash completely eliminates the need for using any chemicals or artificial fragrances. The aromatherapy based essential oils are already enriched with all the great benefits and ingredients needed to create healthy, glowing & flourishing skin for a man.

Man Theory Beard & Face Wash

Charcoal & Oatmeal | Face & Beard Wash (2 in 1) 

This Man Theory beard & facewash is a special product for men with oil & normal skin type to help them de-stress, detoxify & clean their face in the most relaxing way. The activated charcoal, oatmeal, white willow bark and needless to mention, the unique blend of essential oils present in this 2 in 1 Man Theory face & beard wash helps you get rid of the dirt, pollution and impurities that accumulate over your face throughout the day.

Check out the key ingredients used & all the other benefits here.

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Coffee & Quinoa | Face & Beard Wash (2 in 1) 

This Man Theory beard & facewash is one of the best men’s face grooming products available for men with all skin types. It helps you refresh, energize and deeply cleanse your skin after a long day and gets you that radiant glow in no time. The combination of coffee & quinoa paired with neem and green tea extract is the USP of this product that indeed helps you get rid of acne, blackheads and excess oil on your face.

Check out all the important ingredients & immense benefits of this 2 in 1 Man Theory beard & facewash here.

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