10 Common Beard Problems & Easy DIY Solutions to Fix Them - Man Theory

Frustrated when your beard gets itchy or feels like you've got a patch on your stubble? You're not alone!

Ever since a Man starts growing his beard, the problems come hand-in-hand for almost everyone.

We've listed 10 Common Beard Problems & Do It Yourself (DIY) Solutions for Beard Problems.

You've Got Beards - We've Got Solutions!

  1. Patchy Beard - You've tried growing facial hair but after a few days you see that it's a bit patched in a few places or in sparse amounts and you're worried about why it's happening?

There are several reasons which lead to patchy beards ranging from genetics passed from your parents, lack of certain nutrients, lack of exercise, imbalance hormones or stress.

Solution - We can fill in those gaps with a few actions to get a fully-grown beard and fix a patchy beard.

Exercise - Exercising helps in better blood circulation leading to a constant flow of nutrients & hormones across the body & face. It also helps in removing toxins from the body and promotes hair growth because due to better flow. The beard ultimately gets the crucial nutrients & proteins.

Reduce Stress Level & Slumber Enough - Stress has a huge impact on beard growth as it releases cortisol which crashes down body hormones leading to an imbalance of hormones. High-stress levels can also create an imbalance in the flow of nutrients, and vitamins to circulate which stops them from reaching beard follicles.

Pro Tip - Use a derma roller that helps in increasing blood circulation. Top it up with an onion oil based beard oil to stimulate beard hair growth. A beard brush will also come in handy to evenly spread the beard hair & keep it in shape

  1. Beard Acne - Beard Acne are pimples or red bumps which pop up within or underneath your facial hair which are so irritating for your face but it often goes unnoticed or untreated as they're not visible.

Solution - It's a common issue for bearded men to have mild acne or pimples underneath the beard due to clogged pores. Here's how you can cure it (Shaving isn't the way).

Cleanse, Exfoliation & Moisturize - Cleanse twice a day to keep your beard healthy, exfoliate twice a week or use face or beard wash followed by a cream to unclog the pores.

Pro Tip - Use Beard Wax to make a protective wall for your follicles from dust & impurities.

Use a charcoal-based beard wash that will help in sucking out all the impurities & deep cleanse the pores. Also, drink lots of water which will help in washing away all the necessary impurities from within.

  1. Itchy Beard - Beard itching is the most common problem for bearded people as it happens to almost every single man but if you haven't encountered it yet, you're blessed!

Solution - But for the people who aren't blessed, Here's how you can fix an itchy beard.

Proper Beard Care - 

Your itchy beard problems can just be solved with a few simple & consistent actions.

  • It’s a nice habit to wash your beard with lukewarm water every day, especially while bathing.
  • Use a beard wash that contains mild ingredients such as Argan Oil
  • Keep the skin underneath the beard hydrated with a suitable beard oil

  1. Dry Skin Under Beard - Dry skin under your beard often causes itching and it usually happens either because of improper care, genetics, or weather.

Solution - Here are a few tips you should consider & don't let your skin under your beard go dry or remove it if you already have one.

Wash Your Beard Daily & Damper It with Beard Oil - Washing daily & moisturizing it with beard oil is a great way to care as it removes the flaky skin under your beard.

It's good to use a Coffee Face Wash For Dry Skin.

  1. Beard Dandruff - Usual as hair dandruff, you also start feeling facial hair dandruff when you grow a beard and it usually occurs because of a yeast called Malassezia.

Solution – Shaving off the beard is never an option or solution our recommendation. Instead Use a Beard Shampoo. There are varieties of Beard Shampoos or even 2in1 Beard & Face Wash in the market including the one from Man Theory.

  1. Smelly Beard - It just seems so weird when throughout the day rather than smelling the beautiful scent you sprinkled, you're smelling your stinky beard…

Solution - You might face this issue because of bacteria, the food you consume, or the environment. 

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm - You can just throw away your stinky beard problem with these beard-care techniques.

Cleanse & Exfoliate your beard every day to keep it fresh & Use Beard Oil after Exfoliation & Follow-up with a beard balm.

  1. Beard Growth - The younger you're, the more your beard is gonna take time to grow…

Some people get a full-grown beard by their 20's or some get a patchy or sparse beard by that time and It all happens because of their genetics & hormones.

Solution - Along with being patient to grow a beard, You even need to take some steps to get it a bit more soon and have a good one. 

Micro needling - Micro needling is a procedure to get better blood circulation on the follicles while nudging tiny needles to bring small holes on your face.

You can perform Micro needling at home with the help of a derma roller. 

Extra tip - Prepare & consume diet foods that are high in zinc or are healthy fats like peanuts, tuna fish or fruits & green vegetables.

  1. Brittle Beard - As much as your head hair goes brittle, the same way your beard can be brittle and dry.

Solution - Here's a simple solution to cure your brittle beard issue.

Use Vitamin-E Oil - Use vitamin-e oils like rosemary to nourish and It will get softened & better over time.

  1. Curly Beard - Having a tangled beard is no less than a curse because a tangled beard takes more time to grow and a tangled beard even leads to facial hair breakage whenever you’re combing as they’re dry when they’re tangled.

Solution - Take it easy, this curse can be cured without a magic potion but with a few actionable beard care tips.

Mask Up a Beard Softener & Comb - Masking up a beard softener for at least 15-25 minutes is a good idea for conditioning your beard to make it soften which will help in combing it easily as it’s soft when you’ve conditioned.

Use a Beard Oil & Comb - As for the right disease, you consume the right medicines prescribed by the doctor so just the same way, prefer using specialized Beard’s Oil & Comb for your beard care & Apply the beard oil after the face mask and then comb it slightly.

Don't comb aggressively as it will lead to hair breakage.

  1. Thin Hair - As you start getting older, your hair starts getting thicker & even starts to lose.

Solution - Here are a few basic tips to solve hair thinning

Diet - Focus on your Diet as lack of several nutrients leads to hair thickness but as a priority, Include Vitamin D in your diet & Don't stress much.


Growing a beard isn't that easy nor is it that hard. It takes an irregular time for someone to grow a beard and all that depends on your genetics & the care you do for it.

Add on this Activated Charcoal Face Wash For Men & Coffee Face Wash For Dry Skin to your beard care routine to grow the sign of manliness better and faster.