How to take care of your Face & Beard like a Pro - Man Theory

Are you someone who always wondered an intensive skin & beard care routine is needed to have a smooth skin & a healthy beard?

Umm... Nope!

You can still have a great looking skin & healthy beard without clocking too many hours on grooming or by simply following the intense face care routine that is same as your partner’s or her  products for that matter to take care of your skin.

We're here to assist you & share with you some of the interesting facts & knowledge on face & beard & here is what you are going to learn & understand in this blog:

  • Do's & Don'ts of Face Care (According to your Skin type)
  • Do's & Don'ts of Beard Care
  • Products that will make your grooming routine easy-peasy

Skin Care Guide for Men : 

Men today understand the need of developing a selfcare habits & skin care has become even more important than ever before. The question however is ‘are we doing it the right way?’. This is where the below advice comes handy to take care of your skin.

Do's of Skin Care - 

  • Fizz Up Your Face - Washing up your face twice a day – morning & evening with lukewarm water is the most important an easy face care habit that will get rid of dead cells & dullness on your face. You can use products that contain Glycolic Acid while washing up as it's the substance most used in skincare products. This ingredient goes well with face washes that contains charcoal. Use a face wash that suits your skin. Charcoal is definitely recommended for normal to oily skin.

  • Use Moisturizer - Applying moisturizer after you've washed your face is a good habit to keep your skin smoot. It's good if you apply moisturizer when your skin is a bit damp. Use a oil free moisturizer if you have an oily skin type. Moisturizers are a must for men with dry skin

  • Consume a lot of Vegetables & Fruit - From adding tomatoes to your everyday salad to rubbing potatoes on the face for a radiant look. Vegetables & fruit such as cucumber helps a lot for your skincare as it keeps the skin safe from aging or sun damage.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated - You've moisturized yourself from the outside but don’t forget to moisturize it from inside… Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day to take care of your skin.

    • Ditch Smoking & Alcohol - Smoking & Alcohol can bring premature aging resulting in wrinkles & dull in the skin & even dark circles, needless to say dark lips. It's crucial for you to this or even control its consumption & if you haven't ever consumed it in your life then you are already half way through in maintaining a better skincare & healthy habit!

    Don'ts of Skin Care - 

  • Don't Overdo Sugar - Cut down on sugar as much as you can as it leads to inflammation causing redness to the skin & even affecting your physical health.

  • Don't Absorb a lot of Sun - Sun causes the highest damage to the skin like tan, premature aging or less cell growth if over exposed. Do not spend more than 10-15 minutes to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Sunscreens are the savior irrespective if you are indoors or outdoors.

  • Don't Compromise on Sleeping - Your body requires a good amount of consistent sleep every day for it to take off wrinkles & fine lines & help it to look fresh. 7-8 hours of sleep is good enough.

  • Don't be Strained - Don't strain over something a lot as it will harm healthy skin cells & bring wrinkles to your skin.

  • Do's & Don'ts for Men's Beard :

    You might be unknowingly making some mistakes while caring for your beard so it's crucial to know the basic do's & don'ts for your beard care.

    Do's of Beard Care:

  • Use a Beard wash & Beard Oil - Use a beard wash while washing your face or taking bath and a good Beard Oil after bath. You can also use a combo product such as the 2 in 1 face & beard wash to cleanse your face & beard at the same time

  • Avoid Products that have harmful substances & fragrances - Using products with synthetic fragrance or artificial dyes can do more damage to the beard hair follicles. Avoid products that have artificial & harmful chemicals.

  • Use Dedicated Beard Products - Use specialized products for beards while taking care of it like beard combos, oils, beard cream, beard oil & other related products

  • Brush Your Beard Regularly - It's important to brush your beard regularly as it helps in getting the oil to reach every follicle for efficient growth.

  • Don'ts of Beard Care :

  • Don't avoid trimming - Trimming your beard is a crucial step if you ain't visiting your barber every week… The first trim will be a little hard, but the beard will definitely start taking shape after it.

  • Don't Ignore Your Moustache - Having a beard along with a perfect moustache looks great so consider caring about your moustache as well & focus on Shape, Not Size!

  • Don't Believe in Beard Myths - There are many myths around beard growth that non-bearded people take on seriously and one of the most hyped ones is " You can't grow a full-grown beard if you have a patchy one " & a lot like this… DYOR before taking an action.

  • Don't Give Up - If your beard isn't growing much then Don't give up on grooming it… Good things take time!

  • Conclusion : 

    You even have to stop touching or stroking your beard & skin as it spreads dirt & germs on it so all the efforts you're putting into caring will be in vain & as said earlier you have to avoid products with SLS, Paraben & other harmful chemicals

    That's why you should prefer these Best Natural Face Wash for Oily Skin & Coffee Face & Beard Wash for your face & beard care routine and they're made from natural  ingredients & healthy essential oils.