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Face wash

Combination of charcoal & oatmeal washes away dirt, toxins, pollution & oil buildup on the skin & beard hair follicles.

Face Scrub

The citrus blend & charcoal deeply cleanses clogged acne & pimple causing pores and also removes dead skin cell for a softer & smoother skin

Peel Off

The powerful duo of Lemon & charcoal peels off blackheads & whiteheads leaving a cooling, refreshing & lasting effect on the skin

Reduces Pimple & Acne

This monthly kit has gentle yet effective ingredients such as neem, turmeric, oats, lemon & charcoal. The combination of these ingredients work great together in keeping your pimple & acne under control for men

Tanning & Dullness

The detoxifying best charcoal face wash for men reduces tanning & dullness from your face. The face scrub for men helps in scrubbing away blackheads & dark spots & brings back the natural & radiant looking skin. The peel off mask for men also removed dead skin cells & also removes pollution

Removes Excess Oil & Dirt Buildup

The ingredients used in 2in1 face & beard wash, face scrub & peel-off work together in control excess oil generated on your face & maintain the moisture on your face. It also helps in getting rid of all the accumulated dirt giving your skin the glow it deserves.


Remove pollution dirt & all impurities from clogged pores. Reduces chances of pimple & acne in the skin


Naturally cleanses, exfoliates & moisturizes the facial skin. It also improves skin texture.

Citrus Blend

Rich in antioxidants & vitamin C, the citrus blend removes sun tan & dullness in the skin for a brighter & radiant look.

No Chemical Fragrance

Aromatherapy essential oils blends bring natural aroma to our products. They also bring benefits for facial skin & strengthens beard hair follicles

Step 1 - Cleansing
Wet your face with lukewarm water & apply a small quantity of charcoal & oatmeal face & beard wash
Massage gently across face, beard & neck area for 1 minute & wash it odd thoroughly

Step 2 - Exfoliating
Apply charcoal & citrus face scrub on wet & clean face & neck area. Avoid eyes & beard area
Very gently scrub in circular motion across face & neck for a minute & wash it off. Keep your eyes closed while washing it off

Step 3 - Peeling
Take a required quantity of charcoal & lemon peel off mask & apply on a dry face area
Avoid contact with eyes & hairy sections of your face
Leave the peel off mask for at least 20 mins & enjoy the cooling effect
Peel it off once it is dry in an upward direction & wash your face with only water. Apply a moisturizer to seal the deal

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